District Office, Tainan City

Yujing District Office, Tainan City

Getting to know Yujing

District Agencies

List of public agency contact numbers
Name of the agency Address Telephone
Yujing Dispatch Office, Tainan City Police Department
No. 2, Zhongshan Road, Yujing District (06)5742007
Yujing District Household Registration Office No. 2-1, Zhongshan Road, Yujing District (06)5742474
Yujing Land Office No. 146, Minzu Road, Yujing District (06)5742049
Yujing Health Center No. 5, Zhongzheng Road, Yujing District (06)5742275



List of elementary and high schools in the district
Name of the agency Address Telephone Website
Yujing Junior High School
No. 152, Dacheng Road, Yutian Village (06)5742214-5 http://yjjh.tn.edu.tw/xoops/
Yujing Elementary School No. 1, Zhongzheng Road (06)5742047 http://www.yjes.tn.edu.tw/xoops/
Cenglin Elementary School No. 115, Cenglin Village (06)5743574 http://www.tles.tn.edu.tw/



List of contact numbers of other agencies
Name of the agency Address Telephone
Chunghwa Telecom Yujing Service Center
No. 42, Zhongzheng Road, Yujing District 5742001-9
Yu-ching District Farmers' Association No. 139, Zhongzheng Road, Yujing District 5742216
China Youth Corps. of Yujing District No. 2, Lane 70, Zhongshan Road, Yujing District 5771105-11
Reservist Counseling Center No. 223, Minzu Road, Yujing District 5747777
Women's Association of Yujing District No. 30, Dazhi Street, Yutian Village, Yujing District 5742043