District Office, Tainan City

Yujing District Office, Tainan City

Getting to know Yujing

Local produce and culture

Local specialty

Yujing District is most famous for its fruits such as papayas, lychees, longans, starfruits, watermelons, bananas, guavas, pineapples, and mangoes, of which mangoes are considered the most symbolic produce of Yujing.


Most of the farmlands in this District are sloped alkaline soil that are conducive for growing mango trees, producing fruits with a perfect combination sweet taste, fragrant aroma, and fine texture that is considered the best throughout Taiwan. Green mango pickles offer a sweet and tart flavor and can be served cold in summer for a refreshing snack that offer perfect respite against the sweltering heat. Sweet dried mangoes that are free of any preservatives with a dash of sourness provide a tasty, chewy, nutritious, and healthy natural treat that can be enjoyed at any day.