District Office, Tainan City

Yujing District Office, Tainan City

Introducing the District Office

Administrative organization

The District Chief of Yujing District is empowered by the City Mayor and acts according to the guidance and supervision of the Chief of the Bureau of Civil Affairs to be in charge of district administration and to command and supervise subordinate employees. A Chief Secretary is appointed to support the District Chief in handling various district affairs such as key issues, mobilization, coordination, approval of proposals, and other issues. Other positions in the District Office include section chiefs (heads), secretary, section staff, senior technicians, village officer, support technician, staff members, and clerk.


This District Office is furnished with 4 sections and 3 offices, namely: Civil affairs, Community and Cultural Section, Agricultural and Construction Section, Social Affairs Section, General Affairs Section, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office. Under the Civil Affairs Section, village offices and the Mediation Committee will also help handle relevant matters.