District Office, Tainan City

Yujing District Office, Tainan City

Introducing the District Office

Service number

Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib
District Chief's Office
District Chief  Chen Shen- Chi
In charge of district affairs. 11
  Chief Secretary Lin Kun-Yi Provide support for the handling of district affairs. 15



Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib

Civil affairs, Community and Cultural Section
Sectional Supervisor Chang Chien-Ming In charge of tasks handled by the Civil affairs, Community and Cultural Section 18
  Section Staff Zeng You-ze administration /  election affairs 25
  Clerk Yu Chiou-Shiang Military service administration/Tourism promotion 23
  Section Staff Wang Jhih-ming Mediation affairs / Public rites, traditions, and religious affairs 52
  Section Staff Liou Wun-sian Preventive measures and rescue operations for district-level disasters /Promote environmental protection / Management of corrective social labor with the District Prosecutors Office / 37
  Village Officer Yang Yuan-Li Land administration / Farm rent reduction to 37.5% /Management of corrective social labor with the District Prosecutors Office 16
  Village Officer Lin Jia-han Zhongzheng Village /Fengli village 26
  Associate Clerk He Siao-Jing  library affairs/cultural and art affairs / community cultural events and other activities 24
  Village Officer Tzeng You-Tza Yutian and Cenglin Village affairs 26
  Village Officer Shih Wun-Ling Yujing / Sanhe and Wangming Villages 53
  Village Officer Su Pei-Hsuan Affairs of the Sanpu, Shatian and Zhuwei villages 26
  Village Officer Lin Yin-Chen   Indigenous and Hakka people affairs/ Sports / Education /Health administration 54
  Contract employee Syu Yu-fen Mortuary Services 5747099
  Contract employee Wang Jyun-jhih Mortuary Services 5747099



Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib
Agricultural and Construction Section
Sectional Supervisor Chou Shih-En Management of Agricultural and Construction Section / Minor construction at the village level / Disaster rescue and repairs 50
  Section Staff   Parks / Traffic / Road excavations / Road light / Road rights / Public business affairs / Occupational safety and health and industrial and commercial administration / Consumer protection / Fair trade / Public enterprises 28
  Senior Technician  Chou Yen-Yen District alley and road maintenance / Handling of illegal construction / Minor village-level construction / Disaster rescue and repairs / Improvement of public infrastructure quality and contract obligation management and training / Bridge maintenance and inspections 27
  Senior Technician Jian Gu-He Waterworks administration / Waterworks construction inspections and statistics / Minor village-level construction / Disaster repairs and clearing / Drain clearing / River management / District drainage management / Storm drain maintenance and management / Disaster rescue operations 29
  Senior Technician Hung Mao-Kai Soil and water conservation / Sloped land plowing applications / Sloped land satellite imaging, anomaly inspection, and reporting of violations / Landslides handling / Agricultural road applications and petitions / Minor village-level construction / Disaster rescue and repairs 29
  Contract employee Huang Li-Chin Farming certification approval and issuance / Farmland usage applications and farming facility usage permit approval and issuance / Inspection and registration of land indispensable to farming operations / Natural farming disasters / Farming status reports / Administration of general farming affairs 39
  Contract employee Chen Jheng-hong Building management (current streets and lanes / abandoned lanes / building lines / district certification / construction permits / usage permits) / Urban planning / Non-urban land adjustments and civil engineering / Minor village-level construction / Disaster rescue and repairs / Minor work in the area of jurisdiction 39
  Contract employee Li Chi-Jung Adjustments to planting systems and active farming projects / Plains reforestation / Slope reforestation / Approval and issuance of organic farming license and tax-exempt fuel usage / Mango festivals and cultural events for farm produce / Forestry / Fisheries / Animal rearing administration / Farming household sampling surveys and farming census / Animal conservation / Farming village revitalization 38
  Technician Wun Cing-lin Park water and electricity maintenance and management / Park facility maintenance and management / Road light maintenance and surveys / Moving of road lights / Supporting the application of road light facilities / Minor damage repairs 30



Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib
Social Affairs Section Sectional Supervisor Wen Chao-Cheng Managing Social Affairs Section affairs 36
  Section Staff Mai Tien-Hao Single-parent family welfare, livelihood support for children from family in hardships, support for single-parent or families losing financial support, subsidy applications for children of underprivileged families, National Health Insurance fee subsidies for children under 18 years of age and youths of medium low-income families, nursery for young children, medical subsidies for children of underprivileged families, general emergency rescue applications, and immediate emergency rescue 17
  Village Officer Chen Rung-Hua Subsidy applications for low and medium-low income households, subsidies and exemption for National Pension, senior citizen subsidies, applications for operational expenses of senior cultural and health centers, long-term care service applications, and distribution of charity donations 17
  Section Staff Lin Pei-Ching Community development, National Health Insurance affairs, village care center affairs, expense approval and reimbursements for foreign spouse lifestyle counseling activities, disaster rescue, and accommodation of disaster refugees 14
  Staff member Cheng Yueh-Ling Application for Manuals for the Physically or Mentally Disabled, daily subsidies applications for the physically or mentally disabled, assistive technology applications, nursery and adoption applications, house rental and lease subsidy applications. 17




Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib
General Affairs Section Sectional Supervisor Luo Ciou-yun Management of General Affairs Section activities 32
  Secretary  Chang Pin-Yuan Janitor and temporary staff management, labor and National Health Insurance registration and termination, file management, and financial asset (and property) management. 34
  Section Staff Kuo Fang-Man Purchasing and subcontracting operations, office room and vehicle management 31
  Staff member Lai Yan-Ling Cashiering management (various standard fees, items under custody, severance pay, issuance and generation of report forms), petty cash management, staff salary, information management, tax affairs (support collection of income tax, housing tax, and land tax). 31
  Section Staff Deng Ci-you Evaluation and research, public services, news publications, public relations and other issues not belonging to other sections or offices, 33



Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib
Personnel Office Supervisor Chang Ling-Feng Management of personnel affairs 21



Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib
Accounting Office Supervisor Wu Su-Yu Management of annual budgets, accounting, and statistics compilation. 19



Unit Title Name Responsibilities Extension number bib
Civil Service Ethics Office Supervisor Huang Ya-Ting Management of civil service ethics 58