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Yujing District Office, Tainan City

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Tapani Memorial Park
Tapani Memorial Park is located at the intersection of Taiwan 20 and Taiwan 84 expressways. The memorial is established at the locale where the Japanese government brutally massacred anti-Japanese fighters who rose up against them. The Yujing District Office has integrated the Park with the local specialty produce of mangoes, embellishing the Memorial Park with a giant Irwin Mango to form Yujing District's most distinctive landmark. 
Address: Intersection of Taiwan 20 and Taiwan 84
Telephone: None
Directions: Southbound: Xinying Interchange → Provincial Highway 1 → National east-west expressway 84 towards Yujing → Exit at Yujing. The destination will be on the right side.
Gourmet Food: Shanlongting Sherou Tang (snake soup) / Lao Niubo's Zhuxue (pork blood) / Migao Fuzai Migao (steamed glutinous rice)
Accommodations: Gaobinyuan Hostel / Hwa-Du Hotel / Huachun Inn / Changxing Hostel
Neighboring landmarks: Beiji Dian / Yu Cing-fang Anti-Japanese Fighter Memorial Park / Mango Industry and Cultural Museum / Yujing Valley Basin / Trellis Drainage System
Traveling reminders: Small carpark available
Recommended visiting time: 1 hours

Tapani Memorial Park

Tapani Memorial Park